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Clean Energy Sources in islands

Our History!

Until now islands mainly obtained their energy by diesel power or gas. Besides being costly and logistically non-suitable this is also heavily pollutive.

As a result, IPS was created to  provide solutions for clean power production but also management of waste residues and water treatment helping islands to reach carbon neutrality. 

IPS emerges from a combined 20 years experience in the renewable energy sector standing out in energy storage, waste to energy and energy efficiency, for instance.

Firstly, we have started on the consumer side which lead us to a high level of optimization.

Clean Energy Sources - Island Power
Clean Energy Sources - Island Power

Secondly, our in-house expertise ranging not only from power generation technologies, as mini-hydro, wind & solar energy (in all forms) as also energy storage and green hydrogen production, leads us to high levels of efficiency. 

On the hydrogen side IPS  works with solutions for either injection in the natural gas pipelines, or as green ammonia, for usage in agriculture and chemical area.

Moreover, IPS expects a fast development in the coming years for applications of green hydrogen and ammonia. These may be especially important to provide clean power production in islands.

A core focus of our work is also to design and integrate non-polluting and small-scale decentralized solutions.

Which, when combined into circular systems, can aggregate higher volumes on a sustainable basis.

Today we have reached an attractive price/performance point that this is a win-win solution and we can help islands to reach long-term environmental, social and financial benefits.

IPS engages daily the effort of over 30 high skilled employees and has offices in Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Canada.

We not only develop technology agnostic projects as also deliver the best cost-effective clean power production solutions for islands around the globe. 

IPS business model is anchored in and related directly to supporting islands to increase their renewable energy power sources and reduce the environmental footprint.

From – sometimes innovative – design to construction, installation, financing and O&M, IPS offers custom solutions for islands. Having always in consideration the unique needs of each.

Clean Energy Sources - Island Power

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