Solar Energy Production

Ground Solar

Ground based Solar is the base of larger scale power production. Nowadays the cost for this type of installations as decreased significantly and there are options that can fit almost every available land. In cooperation with Universal Kraft, we’ve been developing ground solar over the last 20 years, having reached a high-level expertise in this field. Universal Kraft is, nowadays, one of the biggest land developers in Sweden. 

Floating Solar

We literally make solar float. This technology, called floating solar, has an enormous potential and offers environmental advantages like preventing algae growth in dammed areas. Floating solar installations are easier and faster to install and remove than other installations. They withstand tougher conditions and are more efficient once the water’s cooling effect helps to reduce thermal losses.

Being one of the pioneers in the technology and have already gained knowledge in this area with over 230 MW of designed projects, this solution is the perfect way to address the lack of ground availability in places especially like islands.

Solar Parking

SolarParking, a Universal Kraft Group company, is a specialized and technology leader in solar carport installation for parking lots. With a long experience in the renewable energy market we have developed, in cooperation, a number of concepts for cost efficient, sustainable, flexible and competitive operations over the last years. The systems can all scale from base modules of 2-12 parking’s, up to several thousands, with different design options to fit every sight.

We see this solution as one of the most important areas for the future especially with the growth of the electric mobility, where a lot of cars needs to be charge in the same place at the same time. The growth of this market will require expansion of existing grid infrastructure, as well as outtake of the grid, but local deployment of solar on for example Parking’s creates easements, but also a great income for the its owners from clean power and a better environment for its users.

Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar installations are photovoltaic assemblies installed on building roofs, making efficient use of the available space. IPS offers a concept of solar production on all kind of roofs: industrial, shopping and school buildings – this power can be can be used directly in the facilities as also ensuring high returns when sold the surplus to the grids.

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